Mavic Aksium Disc 700c Front Wheel

Mavic Aksium Disc 700c Front Wheel

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Mavic say:

Aksium is the perfect Mavic wheel for everyday riding, and this is just as true for the disc version. It combines high grade, lightweight materials with great ride quality.

Aksium Disc uses straight pull spokes for added stiffness and strength, fixed to pin joint and lightweight rims specifically designed for disc brake use. This maintains a high reactivity and ease of spinning. To withstand the stress of disc brakes, we’ve also increased the spoke count to 24 on both front and rear. And they’re crossed three on both sides to make sure the braking torque is securely transferred all the way to the ground.

At 17mm internal width, these rims are compatible with tyres up to 32mm, making them versatile, comfortable, safe and great for traction.

The disc specific hubs feature super strong QRM bearings that provide low friction and long-term durability, with no servicing needed. And the front wheel is easily converted from quick release to 15mm through axle bolt if required for added security. For the disc rotor mount, the wheels are available in International Standard 6 Bolts (for Shimano/Sram and Campy cassette) and Center Lock® (Shimano/Sram cassette only).

  • Disc brake optimized rim profile
  • Disc friendly spoke geometry and lacing pattern
  • Wider rim for a broad choice of tyre dimensions
  • High quality cartridge bearings: QRM
  • Weight - Front without tyre: 890 grams. Rear without tyre: 1075 grams

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