We promise to be the cheapest in the UK

We promise to be the cheapest in the UK - including the internet! We promise to match exactly the same deal elsewhere. The product to be price matched must:

  • be in stock with both us and the retailer to be matched
  • be from a UK based retailer
  • come with the same service package (in the instance of bikes - we don't offer Lifetime Free Servicing on price matched bikes unless the retailer to be matched does too)
  • including postage costs

In addition, for any price matched product that has a warranty claim the customer is liable for postage to return the product to the supplier - exactly as you would have to return the product if purchased online.

We reserve the right to refuse to price match a product if the price being matched is below our cost For any queries regarding our price match policy please contact web@bike-uk.co.uk

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