BopWorkx Derailleur Guard Travel / Storage Protector

BopWorkx Derailleur Guard Travel / Storage Protector

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This is the best solution for protecting your rear derailleur and derailleur hanger. Simply loosen the quick release, insert the Guard, and close the quick release. Made of a very tough plastic, it will protect your bike from strong side impacts. Likewise, it is great at keeping grease from the chain off any surface.

Using the Rear Derailleur Guard in a bike case or box is easy as well. When the wheel is not in the frame simply use a chain-tensioning quick release or spacer and the Guard will stay in place.

* – not designed to work with rear through-axles

  • Protects your rear derailleur and hanger while in transit or storage
  • Made from strong impact resistant materials
  • Stainless steel slide on, designed for ease of use with quick release system
  • Easy to attach - simply open wheel quick release and slide into position
  • Held securely in place when quick release is closed
  • Easy, tool-free use

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