L&M Urban 650 Front Light

L&M Urban 650 Front Light


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Thoughtfully designed with daily commuters in mind and powerful enough to satisfy the needs of singletrack addicts, the Urban 650 is simply the lightest, brightest, most compact light in its class

The 650 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard

Engineered with the best CREE LED and enhanced firmware

Custom engineered micro-peened reflector optimises the light to provide a smooth, even beam pattern that focuses the light exactly where you need it

Beam pattern has been engineered to maximise a riders' depth perception using optics that eliminate the snowball effect with a smooth transition across the beam

Amber side light windows direct a warning shaft of light for a full 180 degrees of visibility and help visibility to motorists when at junctions or in traffic

IP67 Rating. All 2015 light and Motion lights have been tested to be fully waterproof, the test means they can endure at least 30 minutes in 1 metre of water

Direct switch action operates positively for mode switching

Auto lock out feature (hold on/off switch down for 4 seconds to lock) to avoid accidental switching on in your bag or at home in the tool box

Bright battery status indicator so you know when to plan your next charge

Micro USB rechargeable via waterproofed port

Pulse mode designed for maximum safety - more usable for riding with and less distracting for motorists

Simple bar strap fits all handlebar diameters

2 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase - see website for further details

Recharge time: 5.5 hrs

Weight: 121 g

Run time: High - 1.5 hrs, Med - 3 hrs, Low - 6 hrs

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