Tifosi Podium Matte Black Clarion Red Lens

Tifosi Podium Matte Black Clarion Red Lens


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Tifosi’s CLARION COLLECTION features a great new lens coating technology combined with super-strong colours for maximum style. Clarion lenses uses a new cutting-edge full mirror hydrophobic coating, preventing both water and sweat from beading up on the lens surface to improve visibility in all weathers. Clarion technology greatly reduces glare and provides an even colour treatment across the entire width of the lens, for an amazingly striking appearance and consistent light transmission, so reducing eye fatigue. NB the lens colour on the inside of the lens is the standard Tifosi Smoke.

•  Proprietary interchangeable frameless lens design provides unobstructed field of vision

•  Fits medium - extra large faces

•  Compatible with RX03 adapter

•  Weight: 30g 

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